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My name's Daniel, and I'll be your virtual tutor. In this tutorial, I'll take you through the basics of HTML design and even show you a few tricks of the trade. I'll point out anything important or counter-intuitive with NOTE's. You can go at any pace you'd like. The entire tutorial should take about 30 minutes to just read. It's short and to the point. I've broken it up into sections for your convenience. Basics covers the essentials, everything you'd need to turn your term paper into HTML code. Structures shows you how to do things like lists and tables. Links explains hyper-linking and images. Advanced covers topics which are a little more advanced. Finally, Forms covers the HTML side of using forms. If you want to take it home with you, a zipped tutorial is available. If you'd like to practice your HTML or if you're curious how something will look, we also have a scratch pad available. There is a Page of Pages with links to people who've written pages using this tutorial, and I have written an example page which uses the important items from the tutorial. Finally, I also have a brief How To for some of the simpler browser stuff and a page dedicated to Debugging HTML, a Glossary of HTML and HTML-related terms and a library of backgrounds.

This tutorial is designed for browsers which understand at least HTML 2.0. We recommend Netscape 1.1N or better.

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Basics Structures
Links Advanced
Forms Zipped Tutorial
Scratch Pad Example Page
How To Glossary
People's Pages Debugging
Backgrounds Return to Crash Course

New Additions: The Zipped Tutorial now works better! Frames in the Advanced Tutorial!

Coming Soon: Forms Pop Quiz, More HTML 3.0 info, A Reference Library

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