Have you ever wondered how to get an image off someone else's page? Or how to save someone's page? Well here is a brief how-to to get you started.

What should I use to write my page?

There is a plethora of HTML editors out there. WordPerfect and Word both have HTML capabilities now. HoTMetaL has been around a while.
As for choosing one, don't necessarily look for the one with the most gadgets. Look for the one that suits you best. Some have every possible command available from menus. Others allow you to make the command list.
Personally, I use Notepad. Yes, Notepad. I never found an editor which does what I want and is easy to use. I find it easier to just cut and paste rather than fiddle with some editor's command list.

How do I get my the files I create to the web?

First of all, you need to know a little about how the web works. What you're doing when you view a web page is telling your browser to fetch a document and display it. The documents that your browser fetches are located in people's and company's personal accounts. Those people and companies have given permission for their web pages to read by anyone. Normally, only you can access files in your account, unless you specify otherwise.
So, getting your files on the web just means putting them somewhere in one of your accounts, and setting the permission to allow others to view those files.
You can put them in your account using any FTP software you want. Your sysadmin (system administrator) can help you set the permissions.

How do I "view source?"

To view the source of a page, go to the View pull-down menu on the menu bar. Choose Source... from that pull-down. Netscape will then show you the HTML code used to create the page.

How do I use a picture from someone else's page?

There are two ways to "borrow" a picture from someone else's page. You can link directly to their image (not recommended), or you can copy their picture for your own use.

NOTE: Please be respectful and courteous when borrowing images. By convention, an artist's work is copyrighted as soon as it's finished. So, you would be breaking copyright laws by just "stealing" someone's images. Most pages will have away to send mail to the page's author. Most people will be glad to let you use their work, but you should always ask first!

To link to someone else's image, view the source and find the IMG SRC="/crash/ .html" statement for that image. The address for the image is the path to the page you're currently on plus the stuff between the quotes.
So, right now you're viewing http://www.nashville.net/~templedf/crash/HowTo.html. Pretend there was an image here you wanted. You'd view the source and find the place where I linked to the image. Let's say that it looks like IMG SRC="/crash/Pictures/Demo/test.gif". The way you'd link to this image would be http://www.nashville.net/~templedf/crash/Pictures/Demo/test.gif.

To copy an image, view the source and find the IMG SRC="/crash/ .html" statement for that image. Copy the stuff between the quotes (CTRL-C in Windows). Now go to the Location bar at the top on your Netscape window (right under the Back, Forward, etc. buttons). Highlight just the name of the page you're viewing. (right now that is HowTo.html.) Then just do a paste (CTRL-V in Windows). Finally, press ENTER.
What you've just done is visit the image itself, without the page. Now go to the File menu and select Save. You should now have a copy of the image saved on your harddrive.

It's not recommended that you link to someone else's image for two reasons. First, it slows things down quite a bit to have to go hunting across the net for an image as opposed to just getting it off the server.
Second, if the person moves or deletes the image, you're stuck.

How do I use a background from someone else's page?

Using someone else's background is essentially the same as borrowing a picture from someone else's page. The only difference is that instead of looking for the IMG SRC="/crash/ .html" reference to the image, you're looking for the BACKGROUND="/crash/ .html" tag in the body declaration (the <BODY ... > tag).

How do I get a hit counter?

Unfortunately, that is beyond the realm of HTML. Counters are specialized scripts usually written in C or Perl. Your best bet for getting one is to talk to your Internet Service Provider and see if they offer one to their custmoers.

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