W3Tech School of Web Design.

This set of tutorials is designed to teach you everything you'll ever need to know to make an amazing web page. Writing these tutorials takes time, though. So far, I've only completed the HTML tutorial and half of the JavaScript tutorial. You can look for the rest of the JavaScript tutorial later this year. A Perl tutorial is also in the works, and will hopefully appear some time soon. We would like to give a shout out to our friends at TAG and Indigo Mountain! Finally, a Java tutorial will round things out. It will be a slowly growing tutorial with a projected time of complete around Christmas.

Here's what we've got:

Crash Course in HTML This course is designed to teach you enough to get started in HTML. It covers almost everything, from the basics to the advanced. When you finish, you will know enough to design an impressive web page if you're willing to invest the time in it.

Crash Course in JavaScript This tutorial has two parts: the Programmer's Guide (coming soon) for those already familiar with programming, and a Non-programmer's Guide for those with no prior programming experience. The Non-Programmer's Guide teaches mostly by example. It shows you how to use JavaScript to spice up your page without having to know anything about programming. The Programmer's Guide (coming soon) teaches you how to design and write your own JavaScript code.

Crash Course in Java This tutorial is taken from EECE 291: Multimedia Programming taught by Akos Ledeczi at Vanderbilt University. This tutorial will grow as the class progresses, finishing up around Christmas.
This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of C or C++, and have at least heard of the object-oriented paradigm.

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