This tutorial will teach you how to code in Java, assuming you already have a working knowledge of C. It will also help is you are familiar with the object-oriented paradigm.

This tutorial is based on the course EECE291: Multimedia Progamming, offered by Vanderbilt University. The tutorial will progress as the class progresses, with a projected point of completion some time around Christmas.

The time has come to completely restructure this thing. It's just not going to work the way I've been trying. So from here out I'm going to do it just like my other tutorials. I will focus less on details, and more on coding. Basically, I won't be basing it directly on EE291 anymore. Too many details, too longwinded.

So, for the next while or two, this tutorial will be undergoing drastic changes.

I highly recommend you at least download the Java API. In this tutorial, I rather assume that you have some form of reference guide available in which to look up details. Personally, I like Java in a Nutshell from O'Reilly & Associates. It runs about $19, and it is the best Java reference I've found.

Well, You're the boss, so lead on!

Introduction Into to Java and OOP
The Basics Stand-alone v/s Applet, Basic Classes
Using Classes Introduction to Java classes
Advanced Classes More Java classes
Using GUIs How to use GUI elements in Java
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New Additions: The Basics, Using Classes and Advanced Classes

Coming Soon: The rest of the tutorial!

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