IN THE BEGINNING, the Internet was impossible to access from your small town. Then, after many years or weblessness, Telalink appeared. In a matter of days, Telalink had brought inexpensive internet access to the entire village.

Did I say inexpensive? Well, it was in the beginning. But as Telalink grew lazy and corrupt, he demanded sacrifice to be made to him every year on the eve of the birthday of Saint Steven-Jobs. The strongest young warrior of the village had to be sent to into the wild labyrinth Telalink called home.

And so it is today. But, this day you will find out more than you ever wanted to know about The Dungeons of Telalink, for you are the latest sacrifice!

Clad in the ceremonial Blue Bath Robe of Mercy, and carrying only a ceremonial dagger, you must survive the dungeon long enough to discover the secret of Telalink! Good Luck, young warrior.

Enter the Dungeon

Warning: Still under construction. Enter at your own risk!

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